Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Halcyon Me ♥ Overview

I've returned from my otherwise long break from blogger world to share my experiences with you. I didn't really go anywhere, aside from venturing in this wonderful life of me. And trust me, there's several things I've learned in the past months I've been M.I.A. 

Those stories will slip into my blog posts, and I guess this is a start. A mini-blog series, I call it, entitled Halcyon Me, or in simple terms, Peaceful Me (Halcyon just sounds cool, what can I say?)

The mini-series will go as so:

Segment 1: In Regards to Beauty

Segment 2: In Regards to Mind

Segment 3: In Regards to Body

These posts will most likely be terribly long, but whatever. Hopefully it'll interest some poppet out there in the world. 

Here's a brief overview of each topic!


  • Nightly Routine
  • Pamper Evenings
  • Morning School Routine
  • A simplistic makeup look 
2: IRTM 
  • Staying Focused
  • Making Goals
  • Fresh Starts
  • A glimpse into my thoughts
3: IRTB 
  • Eating Healthy! (something I have yet to do myself)
  • Recognizing your body type
  • Tips for Loving Your Body
  • My workout routine
Thanks for reading everyone! I'll be soon making a YouTube channel which will hopefully be more entertaining than reading these posts---which, I still will be making when I do make a channel. :) 


  1. Can't wait for your YouTube channel. Hopefully you make more posts. Just followed you (:


    1. Oh my God! I had no idea anyone read this ;)

      But thank you so much! :)