Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh hello, 2013

(Picture taken from Tumblr) 

2013 has finally arrived, and that means plenty of New Years Resolutions. Now, I have a strange view upon New Years Resolutions. I think it's important for everyone to make at least one, but it can't be something simple like "Be nicer." it has to require more thinking and effort. How are you going to be nicer? By giving back to the community? By making an effective plan, it's more likely you'll be effective rather then slacking one month in.

I'm determined to make 2013 the best year, especially because 13 is my lucky number. Because of this, I've decided to share a few of my New Years Resolutions with the world and  giving examples of an effective plan. 

(Picture taken from Tumblr. This has got to be the best quote.) 

♥ Keeping It Cool 

First, I'll start with controlling my anger. I'm known for being awfully temperamental if someone does something that just presses my buttons that day. Yeah, I'd like to be nicer to people I don't know as well (I can provide good advice, that is, if I like you), but this isn't just for them it's for me. Anger can be good or bad, my focus is to get rid of the bad anger. Good anger can result to instigation, which has happened to me in recent years, and can drive you to do better. But bad anger can result to instigation that'll result in punching someone in their face. As a solution, I'm using a diary to vent out my emotions and learn some deep breathing exercises I'll do every night.

♥ Photography 

(My dad got me these books from a garage sale. Thanks, daddio.) 

Second is exploring photography. Since last year, when I went on a foliage trip with my family and a few other families, I was constantly complimented on my "photographer's hand". Now, I'm not sure whether or not this term is actually a term, but to me it means that I have good balance and can focus well on a picture so it turns out nicely. I don't have a fancy digital SLR, I have my HD Video Camera and a simple canon digital one. I know that if I show off my photography more to my parents, I'll hopefully get a good camera in the next coming months and can further my exploration. For now though, I'll keep reading photography books, reading blogs, and taking pictures with the camera I have.

♥ Blog ♥

(Picture taken from, hey, look! Blogspot!) 

Third, on the topic of blogs, I want to maintain this blog. Hopefully I'll get more followers, but as of now, I could care less. Blogging is an outlet for me, and if I get people who are interested in it, it's a plus. I've been meaning to create this blog for a while, but I never really did. I followed many blogs independently (meaning, without commenting and without Blogger/Blogspot), including Zoella's. Zoella is a blog on blogspot I absolutely adore and was created by a girl named Zoe, I believe she's twenty-two now. She also started blogging one day while being bored (for me, this was a Friday night I had no plans on). She's a role model in my life. 

♥ Stay Active and Eat Healthy 

(An apple a day keeps the doctor away...especially this one I found in my fridge) 

Fourth, I plan on staying active and eating healthier. Luckily, I'm blessed with a super metabolism and gain no weight no matter how hard I try. I mean, come on, I gained eleven pounds since last year and I'm still on the low side of average for my height (5'5"). I don't want this fast metabolism and terrible eating habit to bit me in the bum when I grow older, so I'm starting my precautionary measures now. This means exercising four times a week (at a minimum and excluding my physical education class) and eating healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, at an even portion. My problem isn't junk food, it's remembering that I need to eat, since I don't get hungry easily and am pretty busy throughout the day. It's also making sure I eat the correct servings, like three servings of dairy and eight servings of fruits and vegetables. 
(I ran in these sneakers for the first time about two weeks ago. HEAVEN.) 

♥ Smile 

(Yes, yes, I used YOLO. But at least it's in nice terms, right?)

Fifth, and also kind of adding onto the first resolution, is to smile more. Be happy. I'm going through the never-ending phase of raging hormones and constantly changing social status', it's normal for a teenager to wallow in a pool of self pity. My solution? To smile! Smiling more instantly makes me feel better. When I'm feeling upset, maybe I'll browse through tumblr or watch my "feel good" movie at the time (as of now, it's Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging). Point is, happiness can alter a person, so why not alter it so it makes me a better human? Being happy is good. So let's strive for it!
(Don't judge my hideous hair and sweatshirt. It was 2 in the morning, okay? Well..maybe like eight at night..)

♥ Music 
(The song I happen to be auditioning for a solo tomorrow. The nerves :3)

Sixth is my music. I'm a singer, a songwriter, and a pianist. I want to learn at least two songs per month this year. For songwriting, I want to be able to record a few of my songs (lyrics, rhythm, the whole shabam). And for piano, I want to stick to it. Lately, I've been slacking in that department, and as my piano teacher is one of the strictest classical piano teacher's around, I need to make sure I stand my ground and keep my position as one of her students. 

♥ Writing 

(Ah, Benji. Taken from Tumblr)

Seventh, and the last resolution, is to finish a novel. I have an awful habit of not sticking to a story and coming up with a plethora of ideas. I've promised to myself to end this habit and complete a full novel by the end of the year. I'm hoping for about 150 pages. It's a huge resolution, but I'm hoping to complete it. 

I hope this was inspirational (and hopefully interesting) for you! Get a start on those New Years Resolutions and most importantly, be who you really are, don't let other people shape you. 

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