Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter & I

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Snow is what I first think of when I hear "Winter". Luckily, the area I've grown up in for the majority of my life has a pretty amazing winter climate. That's right, there's snow. Where some of my friends adore the summer, the waves, the water, I mostly adore the winter. It means scarves, hats, mittens, sugar cookies, fires--you name something about winter, I love it. I'm the idiot who uses their bare hands to throw up the first snow of the season, completely disregarding the fact that I could get frostbite. Personally, I believe I've grown immune to the cold. I mean, walking to the bus stop every day in below freezing weather has got to help somewhere, right

Now, I'm going to hit all of my sections here at once, you with me?

Inspiration: winter is an excellent time for photography and an even better time to curl up with a good book to learn a thing or two. Lately, I've been taking a mug of homemade hot chocolate up to my room and not coming out until my book is complete. I'm starting to take the initiative to bring our "family shared" camera everywhere, hopefully I'll learn the skills in a matter of time and I'll get my own! As for now, digital cameras on manual are my focus. 

Sports: this one's a no brainer--winter is time for hockey. Last year, my utmost favorite thing to do was finish my homework in a hurry then turn on a hockey game and forget about everything for two hours or more. It was an amazing break from reality I so dearly miss it, now that the NHL lockout has a no end in sight. Sigh. Oh well, watching old games it is. 

Fashion & Beauty: this is probably my utmost favorite one to talk about. I'll be posting later on my skin care routine as well as my newly found (and deeply adored) lip balm! Moving on, my favorite season for fashion is winter. Girls have no choice but to dress modesty (unless they want to catch a cold). Or, that's what I thought until the whole routine of, "regular shirts and tight, tight leggings." came along and plagued my school. Leggings are meant to be worn with tunics or skirts, darling, not with that cropped shirt of yours. By all means, wear leggings, just be modest, please? I have a feeling that one particular dream won't come true, but one can only hope. Point is, I love layering my clothes and adding cute scarves and hats to match my outfits. For beauty, winter is the season of my favorite lip color--red. Not everyone can pull it off, I surly can't, the only lipstick I wear is light colored ones, but those who can look fantastic. It's festive and bright, it keeps the holiday spirit going long after its passed. And who doesn't love the happiness that comes with the holidays? 

Finally, we arrive to music: Christmas carols. Those are the two words that I think of in regards to music during the winter. My favorite at the moment? Michael Buble's Christmas. Oh, it's absolutely beautiful! Christmas carols brighten up my day, and even after Christmas, I'm still awkwardly singing along to the tunes inside my head. 

I suppose that's enough for my "first post". :) 

Goodbye! <3 

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